Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to get my board?

Well if you are located domestically within the continental US, you receive your mini surfboard anywhere from 7-14 business days. If you are outside then US, Overseas, etc… then expect a2 week delivery time. We also offer quicker shipping solutions that are available by request. To expedite your order call us toll free at 1-888-318-2791

I’m having trouble designing my custom surfboard online, can you help?

Yes, if it’s something quick and easy we’ll help you with your artwork positioning. If you’d like us to design you a board skin for your WeeBOARD than please visit our Professional Services page for more information.

How much the board skin cost?

Our board skins are simply priced, $40 for the top and $40 for the bottom. Together that’s a total of $80.

Do you ship overseas?

Yes, we ship World-Wide. If you’d like to expedite the shipping on your order please call us directly toll free at +001-888-318-2791

What happened if the board arrives damaged?

Call or Email us and we’ll send out a replacement or give you a complete refund. It’s easy, no hassles.

How do you pack the mini surfboards for shipping?

We first handling the boards with care and complete seal the board with bubble wrap. We then apply a specially designed rail guard that protects the full perimeter of the surfboard. We also place a guard on both sides of the board, one on top and another on the bottom. The wrapped board is than place and sealed within a heavy/industrial corrugated cardboard box the kind used for moving and storage. Basically we do everything within our powers to ensure your board’s safe arrival.

Can I order just the board skin? I already have the WeeBOARD and I just want to re-wrap it.

Yes, all you have to do is pick out the model board under the main menu “Design Board” and use our Online Board Designer to design your new board skin. When completed, be sure to select the “Just the Skin Please” option from the drop-down to receive the price without the board and place the order.

What if I ding the surfboard, can I get it repaired?

Don’t worry, we have a directly full of local ding repair shops that can quickly repair your mini surfboard and get you back out there ripping…. Or at least having a lot of fun trying. Just contact us by Email or visit our Ding Repair Request Form.

How long will a board skin last?

This depends greatly on what you’re planning on doing with your WeeBOARD, some of our customers use the boards as a decoration in which case the board will probably outlast its owner. If you plan on surfing it then the salt water, sun and normal wear and tear will drop your board skin’s life to about a year or so. This also greatly depends on the amount of use and every customer/surfer is different with their equipment so the skin could last a lot longer.

Can I track my order?

Yes, there are 2 ways that you can track your order, the first is simply contacting us directly by phone or email and a service rep will assist. The second way is vising our “Track your Order” page and entering in some info for immediate updates.

Can you print the color white?

Yes, we are now offering the white color option and it looks great on a flat matte finished solid colored skin.

Do you offer only glossy finishes or can you do flat matte?

We now offer both, so yes. You’ll see this optional drop-down while configuring your WeeBOARD on the product details page.

Do offer wholesale/bulk ordering?

Yes we offer special discount for large orders. Please visit our Wholesale Order Page for more information and a custom quote.

What is the WAVESforNICAS Project and where’s my money going?

$2 Bucks from every order is used to buy used surfboards which are then given away free to local groms living in poverty along Nicaragua’s west coast.

Can I sell my graphic art on your website?

Yes, offer your designs on our site and make commissions. To find out more, visit our “Sell your Art” page for more info on the program.

How are the WeeBOARDS glassed?

Our boards are glassed using standard foam blanks with a fiberglass and resin covering.

How are your small surfboards made?

Our miniature surfboards are made just like any other surfboard out there currently. They start life out as a foam blank with a wood stinger. The blank is then designed using an advanced CAD computer program and then precision shaped on a CNC Machine. Once shaped the board is shaped, then it gets glassed with standard fiber-glass and resin. Smoothed out all boards receive a standard sanded finish.

What sizes are WeeBOARDS available in?

WeeBOARDS all come in one-size fits all (5’X22”X2-5/8”), and yes we really do believe that. The reason our one-size works is simply that our mini surfboards are made wider and thicker than your standard short board. This makes the volume of our mini boards roughly the same as that of a standard sized surfboard. Basically our boards will float you just as well if not better.

What fin system do you use on your surfboards?

We use standard FCS Plugs on all WeeBOARDS, unless otherwise requested. FCS offers our customers the best value with the biggest selection of fin options for all types of fin systems. Going will FCS also keeps our production cost to a minimum, which the savings are reflected in the low prices of our boards.

Will the board come with a leash plug?

Yes, all of our board models come with a leash plug. This is because you having fun on our boards is a reflection of us and our product, so we don’t you being seen looking frustrate from chasing your board to shore every 5 minutes.

What about fins?

Who needs fins anyway…. aaaa you do. This is why we offer a few fin types under the “Accessories” tab and are always looking for ways to expand our selection. If you can’t find the fin you’re looking for, click here to find the FCS dealer nearest you.

What WeeBOARD model should I get for my size and surfing level?

WeeBOARDS due to their unique design and volume size are great for surfers of all sizes and skill levels and we are not just saying that. Checkout some of our happy customers and what they had to say… Click here!

How good do these small surfboards float and will they float me?

The reason our one-size works is simply that our mini surfboards are made wider and thicker than your standard short board. This makes the volume of our mini boards roughly the same as that of a standard sized surfboard. Basically our boards will float you just as well if not better.

What are some other uses for WeeBOARDS?

Where do we start? Kite Boarders are using our boards as kite boards with a few minor tweaks, some customers are hanging our boards up on the wall as a home or apartment decoration, they’re used as trophies, for promotional event displays, give-a-ways and sales gimmicks, resort surfboard rental equipment, as theme park board rentals, great for giving surf lesson and learning how to surf as a beginners surfboard, great kids first surfboard, girls gift idea, boys gift idea, Father’s Day gift, Christmas Gift, Birthday Gift, Corporate Gift, Office Decoration, Coffee Table, Family Wall Collage and… did we miss anything? If so drop us your idea and if we post it, we’re sending you a surprise in the mail! Don’t be scurd 🙂