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How A New Way To Buy Surfboards Keeps Surfers “Stoked”
Weeboards.Com Makes Waves In The Industry With Its Unique Customize-Your-Own Mini-Surfboards & Online Surfboard Designer
Seattle, WA, August 26, 2015: is a surfboard manufacturer and online retailer based out of Seattle, Washington. They launched a new e-commerce website in August 2015, with a unique online product catalog consisting of 13 mini surfboard models that can be customized with their online board designer.

WeeBOARDS plans to share the surfing lifestyle through its WAVESforNICAS project. They buy used surfboards, purchased with $2 from every sale, and giving them away to impoverished kids on the Pacific Coast of Nicaragua.

WeeBOARDS’ thirteen surfboard shapes, all of which are no bigger than 5’ feet in length. Then, clients choose from a wide array of customizable options & distinctive designs.

In addition, their online board designer…

  • Allows customers to design their surfboard using their own photograph.
  • Customers can upload their favorite coastline photo, for example.
  • com turns it into a stunning, custom surfboard design.

Since these are primarily kids-sized surfboards, parents of small children looking to introduce their kids to the sport of surfing, now have online access to ordering a first-time board for a boy or girl. They can personalize the boards to the “grom”, which makes this product a great gift idea.

The best part is that when a surfer gets tired of looking at the same old design, they can change it! People can order new surfboard skins and continually re-create their boards. The labels/skins also act as a protectant from the sun, as well as from minor dings and scrapes.

The skins are printed on a large format printer in full color and high resolution on a vinyl material that lasts in salt water and sun.

WeeBOARDS carves its own niche by sticking to what they call the K.I.S.S. method: “Keep It Simply Surfing”. This keeps them focused on the core of surfing, which is pure fun, pure stoked all the time!

Seattle based, is a mini-surfboard manufacturer and online retailer putting a unique spin on custom surfboard design, never before seen in the industry, with a plan to directly help fight poverty in Nicaragua.




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Customizable Girls Surfboards, because Surfer Girls have Rights to Style! is the place to shop for girls surfboards. We as women like the option of changing ourselves and our styles regularly, and what better way to do that than with a customizable girls surfboard. WeeBoards is the answer, so that your personal style is visible both on the beach and in the lineup. The prices are very affordable, and the sky is the limit on the custom surfboard designs you can create. We offer 13 different models, so you are bound to find a shape that is perfect for you, whether you are a beginner surfer girl or a seasoned surf chick. WeeBoards is the place to find girls surfboards for sale. We offer a huge variety of colorful surfboard patterns so no matter what your style you will find one that is screaming your name. Maybe you are a girl who’s favorite color is pink? Not a problem. You will have a great time paddling into any wave on your very own pink surfboard. Not finding a pattern that is you? Don’t worry, you have the option of uploading your own image or pattern onto your shape of choice. Some people don’t want to acknowledge that there is a need for girl surfboards, we say that’s BS, and are proud to offer a girl surfboard, heck we offer a huge number of surfboards for women, because hey, one of the WeeBoards founders is a chick that likes to surf. Click here to see all our our customizable surfboard models.

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The History of the Mini Simmons Surfboard

Surfboard Design is an ongoing evolution that will never end as long as there are creative minds around who are not happy settling for mediocre designs mass produced for the mob. We at WeeBOARDS recognize this fact and like to give credit to those people who have helped progress surfboard designs to where they are today. One of our biggest influences comes directly from Joe Bauguess. The man who created the first Mini Simmons Surfboard or Planning Hull.


It all started after Joe took on a restoration project for an original balsa wood Simmons surfboard from the 1950s. He dubbed it the “Simmons Project.” John Elwell, the owner of the original Simmons surfboard, in passing spoke of a 6’ version of the large 11’ Simmons board, which caught the interest of Joe who decided back in 2001, based upon undocumented word of mouth descriptions, to take on the task of recreating the legend. He started out with a 6’x2’x5’ Styrofoam blank that looked like a box with a balsa stringer running from one end to the other. He started with minimal shape and very little rocker. He included hard edge rails towards the tail section and a large round traditional nose. The bottom started with a semi-severe single concave under the fore-mid-section that flowed into a double-concave that was deep enough to form a slight vee through the tail section before coming to a flat edge tail. In 2006, he figured that he should update the design a bit, but still kept the most identifiable ascetic ques of the original Simmons board design.


When Joe looked at the way kite boards, wake boards, and Windsurfing boards were all moving towards shorter and wider designs over the past 10 years, he quickly realized the trend of moving to more compact dimensions while still retaining the same volume. He thought perhaps now is the time for surfboards to follow. After seeking advice from a friend studying Naval Architecture, he learned that the formula for the most ideal and efficient planning hull equations, was length equal to, two and a half times its width. The Mini Sims he was shaping was a close match to the ideal equation. The result was a board that paddles like a long board and has the size and maneuverability of a short board. Today, the Mini Simmons has come to be also known as the Mini Simms, Mini Sims, The Simms, The Simmons, Mini Simon and many other names. The Mini Simmons was born in 2006, and the creator of the board, Joe Bauguess leaves us with this quote “We borrow from the past and add to the present to create the future.”


Be sure to check out our version of the Mini Simmons Surfboard, now offering 13 different customizable miniature surfboard models waiting for your unique design. Start designing a board now.