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By purchasing from WeeBoards.com you are directly supporting local USA Jobs and Businesses, less fortunate kids in Nicaragua, and 1000’s of surfers world-wide out there in the water also spreading the message of Stoked!

Our Mission

The mission is simple, it’s not only about surfing more and working less. Yes, I actually said that, but like it or not, there is a less selfish side to our ventures and that’s to try and break surfing down to its most purist form, STOKED. What? Remember that first wave you locked into that kept you addictively coming back form more? It’s something like that. Although trying to recreate that feeling of your first real ride is as elusive as recreating the past rivalries of Curren and Occy, or that of Slater and Andy, it hasn’t kept us from trying. We want to create this feeling over and over again or have as much fun trying. And why not? Anyway, we’ve come to the conclusion that to accomplish this, we need two key ingredients. One, a super fun stick to ride and to look at. Two, a rider who tries looking for the good in any and every situation. We thought about manufacturing positive customers, but then decided go with plan “B” which was more in line with individual freedoms and was about providing the fun sticks or WeeBoards, fun snack-size versions of your favorite shapes then and now, to the world. WeeBoards don’t want to be serious and are not meant to be taken seriously. These boards leave the party spoiling to the professionals out there competing in surf competitions and other main-streamers. Because WeeBoards stay true to the sport of surfing, that’s why when given the chance, WeeBoards will have you grinning like an idiot when you least expect it. Even when you’re being dropped in on. So if you’re no interested in a good time, get outta here quick!

Our Promise

We will conduct business day to day using a higher standard and will look to constantly apply these standards in the real-world situations that arise, not just keep them on paper. We understand that we are not just in the business of monetary or environmental accumulation, consumption and expense. But we are in business to spread the love to people world-wide and the environment in which we live. This doesn’t mean that everyone is our cup of tea, or that we are theirs. What it does mean is that you can expect the same treatment and respect each and every time you conduct business with us.

By purchasing from WeeBoards.com you are directly supporting local USA Jobs and Businesses, less fortunate kids in Nicaragua, and 1000’s of surfers world-wide out there in the water also spreading the message of Stoked!

The Founder

Founded sometime mid-December 2014, Matthew Voore, a SO-CAL surfer from Ventura, California came up with the idea for WeeBoards.com. It was a simple idea, offer fun shapes with the most customizable options and features to a wide variety of characters, surfers, surf enthusiast world-wide. As an avid surfer, artist and surf traveler, Matthew had a creative desire to customize his surfboards, new or used, it didn’t matter. He’d spend hours in the garage cutting, hacking, pealing, painting and patching, all of his surfboards. Neighbors stood by and watched in horror as the number of mutilated surfboards exponential grew, their remains carelessly discarded with little or no regard for their original shape. He couldn’t help himself, there was no satisfying his need for something new, something different, something unique, something wee. Till one day, while hacking into a friend’s surfboard mistakenly left behind, he thought to himself why isn’t anyone offering customizable mini surfboards online that can be tailored to each individual’s unique style??? Surfers are typically creative people who love to express themselves, some negative, some positive, either way it’s a message that has a right to be expressed. Why isn’t anyone listening??? Dumfounded by this thought, he soon realized his purpose in life and started WeeBoards.com.


The WAVES4NICAS project was started while my family and I traveled through Latin America and stumbled upon a small fishing and surf village located in Nicaragua, named San Juan del Sur. Living there for more than 2 years, we became very close to the local people, also known as Nicas. As a whole, Nicas are a very friendly, family oriented people, who live simply while appreciating the finer things life has to offer. Things such as family, friends and community. Another great love of theirs is for the ocean and there are many locals who surf and compete in competitions world-wide. Still, there are many less fortunate and we at WeeBoards have decided to help make a difference. With the average new surfboard costing anywhere from $600-$700 USD, and here even a used surfboard in poor shape can still cost anywhere from $250 to $350, most kids and families can’t afford this. WeeBoards.com is standing in the gap by taking $2 of every order placed thru this website and putting it towards the purchase of a new or used local surfboard. This purchase not only helps support local groms, but will also help support local surf shops as well. Once the surfboard is purchased, we’ll deliver the board, in person, to a local Nica grom, ages 10-18. We’ll also post an update on our website and Community Facebook Page for those interested in seeing the results of their charitable giving. We also accept both monetary donations as well as surfboard donations and know exactly how to get the boards to the people in need.

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